Former Ross Park Zoo train. Binghamton, NY

Welcome back to the KCN miniature train we have installed a few new guidelines to help keep our volunteers and riders safe we have marked off six foot distance on the bricks we will have two separate lines one for the riders and one to purchase tickets we will have to seat people or groups three seats apart the volunteers will be wearing masks, we encourage the riders to wear a mask but you don’t have to if you feel that you are not safe riding the train you do not have to or if you have any underlying conditions when you exit the train you will be asked to exit  to the rear and go out the way that we have posted for you we will have sanitizer for the riders please respect our new guidelines we are in this together and we can get through it thank you for your patience.

The former KC Zoo Train

Please come and ride behind one of our three historical engines.

Former Pittsburg, PA  Zoo train

6060 NW Waukomis Drive

Kansas City, MO 64151


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Kansas City Northern Miniature Railroad