About Us

We are  Preserving  history

Please come and ride behind one of our three historical engines.

The Kansas City Northern Miniature Railroad is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Our group was formed in 1984 when the Kansas City Parks & Recreation Department asked for volunteers to restore and operate the former Kansas City Zoo train that had been in Swope Park.

Our two restored Miniature Train Company (MTC) and one Allen Herschell G-16 trains operate on ½ mile of track in Frank Vaydik / Line Creek Park, Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City Southern No. 31 (the red train, named the Southern Belle) is the oldest of the three. It entered service at the Kansas City Zoo in 1953. The train ran in Swope Park until 1972 when it was retired and was then stored until 1984. After complete restoration by the volunteers, this was the first train to operate on the Kansas City Northern when operation commenced in July 1992.

Kansas City Northern No. 802 (the maroon and cream train, named the Line Creek Limited) is the second oldest. It was one of two given to the city of Pittsburg, PA by the Mellon banking family. The first began operating at the Pittsburgh Zoo, in 1955. It later migrated to a city park in Manhattan, KS, where it was painted for the Union Pacific. The other train is reported to be in Washington state awaiting restoration.The Kansas City Northern Miniature railroad obtained the train after it was retired in Manhattan. It was subsequently fully restored and placed in operation on the Kansas City Northern Miniature Railroad..

​Missouri Pacific No. 561 (the blue train, named The Eagle) is the newest of the three. It first operated at the Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton, NY in 1963. It was retired in 1986 and stored outdoors for many years. The Kansas City Northern Miniature Railroad purchased the rusted hulk in 2001. After extensive restoration, it was placed in service in 2005.